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The Benefits of Cattle for Carbon Storage and Biodiversity in the Canadian Prairie

Cattle and beef production have gained a negative opinion by some segments of the general public. However, past research done within the Canadian Prairie and in other regions have demonstrated that with appropriate management, cattle on native grasslands can increase some of the EG&S that we value.

The Benefits of Cattle for Carbon Storage and Biodiversity in the Canadian Prairie

Over 40% of the earth’s terrestrial surface is used for grazing livestock, this includes the Canadian Prairie. While overgrazing has broadly been recognized as detrimental to EG&S, in North America the condition of rangelands has steadily been improving and fewer rangeland are overgrazed. It is imperative that the EG&S provided by rangeland ecosystems are valued and the role of grazing in regulating them understood in order to maintain or improve their benefits for people.

A Study: The Social and Environmental Benefits
of Manitoba’s Community Pastures

With input from MFGA, IISD has developed a study on “The Social and Environmental Benefits of Manitoba’s Community Pastures”, summarizing the benefits and related economic values of community pastures managed by the Association of Manitoba Community Pastures in Manitoba, Canada.

Got Trefoil?

Here’s a great forage that you should think about for your pastures, what it can do for you, and how you can manage it best so it can do its job.

Forage and Rangeland Restoration Reference Guide

A brief narrative on multiple topics with links to technical bulletins, factsheets and other details to help make management decisions.

The Manitoba Protein Advantage

Manitoba Agriculture launched a new protein section on its website to inform stakeholders about the progress and opportunities surrounding the Manitoba Protein Advantage Strategy. This new section communicates Manitoba’s advantages related to investment attraction, access to quality protein sources (including commodity specific profiles) and the expertise in protein innovation offered by research agencies and academic institutions.

Feed Plan Calculator

The Government of Manitoba supplies a Feed Plan Calculator.

CFGA Forage & Grassland Guide

Visit the website for a full list of editions.

Sod Seeding (Seeding forages into existing stands with minimal tillage)

A 39-page guide for sod seeding in pdf.

Stockpile Forages Pamphlet

Stockpiled forage is the term given to pasture saved for grazing after the growing season. Stockpile forage can be used from October through to early December and can also be used early in the spring before new growth pasture is available.


Evaluating forage species for stockpiled forages

Building long-term capacity for resilient cow-calf production systems through creation of a forage industry chair supporting training and research in evaluation and utilization

Agriculture Biosecurity Fact Sheet

New and existing pests and diseases can have a devastating impact on both our natural and agro-ecosystems. We can all take steps to limit human impact on the spread of noxious weeds, disease and insects.