MFGA-led Reports & Fact Sheets


Manitoba Rangeland and Pasture Health Initiative

People making decisions about the use of natural grasslands (ie. rangelands) in Manitoba are at a disadvantage to those in Alberta and Saskatchewan in obtaining information about grassland plant community composition, successional status, forage production potential and effects of different land management practices (eg. different types of grazing, industrial disturbance, prescribed burning).

Argentina Forage Finished Beef

This 6-page brochure is a summary of the Technology Transfer Mission – Argentina Forage Finished Beef.

A Guide to Integrated Brush Management on the Western Canadian Plains

The manual has been designed to present a wide variety of options for controlling or managing woody plant growth. Each chapter details the method, timing of application, equipment needed, costs, impacts on biodiversity, and some actual examples. Finally, the monitoring chapter provides stepby-step guidelines on how to evaluate brush encroachment and the success of control efforts.

Pasture Planner – A guide for developing your grazing system

The 44-page Pasture Planner was developed to assist with the development and/or modification of the exisiting grazing system. This publication contains information on stocking, watering, animal control, fencing, facilities, pasture assessment and more.

Producing Forage Finished Beef in Manitoba

This 28-page booklet has been produced by MFGA for those producers interested in delving into this niche market. The document provides a detailed description of the elements required to produce high quality beef on a forage-only diet. Thank you to our supporters: Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Technical Assistance Component, Manitoba Rural Adaptation Council and Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Development.

Decision Support Materials for Comparison for Productive, Economical & Environmental Efficiencies of Beef Production Systems in Manitoba

A series of 2 projects completed which contains 5 Technical Bulletins, these materials can assist beef producers in making informed decisions related to different aspects of cow-calf operations by allowing them to evaluate the potential outcomes of alternative beef production systems.


These fact sheets have included involvement from Manitoba Forage & Grassland Association, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Brandon Research Centre, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada’s Greencover Canada Program, Covering New Ground, and the University of Manitoba.

Forage Finished Beef Factsheet

Producing forage-finished beef in Manitoba

Forage & Grasslands are Canada’s Most Important Plants Factsheet

Effects of summer pastures with and without alfalfa on cow-calf productivity

Effects of summer pastures and winter feeding strategies on reproductive performance of beef cows

Effects of winter feeding strategies with and without extended grazing on cow-calf productivity

Economic performance of various summer pasture and winter feeding strategies for cow-calf production

Energy-use of various summer pasture and winter feeding strategies for cow-calf production

Fertilizing alfalfa forage

Forage barleys for Manitoba

Baled silage production

Sod Seeding into Existing Forage Stands

Tips for Improving Forage Establishment Success

Remote Winter Watering Systems for Beef Cattle

Annual Crops – An Excellent Way to Increase Your Feeding Flexibility

Backgrounding Calves with Manitoba Forage

A Quick Guide to Extended Grazing

Benefits of Including Forages in Rotation

Prevention of Pasture Bloat in Cattle Grazing Alfalfa

Grazing Cattle on Corn

Sustainable Livestock Wintering Locating and Managing

The Basics of Marketing Cash Hay

Feed Quality of Stockpiled Forage

Forage Adaptation Brochure

Forage Management Practices from the Best

Preventing Bloat in Cattle Grazed on Alfalfa