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Producer Profitability and Healthy Lands



Environmental and Economic Benefits


Producers have adapted to new and creative management techniques – ones that help their herd and crops through maximizing soil health, improving water infiltration, enhancing carbon sequestration and supporting abundance of wildlife.

Maximizing forage and land production

Intensive grazing involves rotating livestock through a large number of short term, small paddocks rather than using a traditional large pasture. This encourages even animal grazing, provides ample rest periods for plant rejuvenation and evenly distributes manure throughout, providing needed plant nutrients.

Protecting our environment

We know cattle need grasslands to roam, eat and pasture on. In fact, we know grasslands and wetlands comprise some of the best intact lands for cattle, biodiversity and ecological services such as air and water quality and flood and drought mitigation. Yet, despite all their benefits to producers, communities and society, Manitoba’s grasslands continue to be lost. Some conservation groups have declared the loss of grasslands in the northern Great Plains as one of the world’s most concerning continued developments. We need to find creative ways to retain grasslands for livestock producers and society alike. As well, seeding forages and sod seeding legumes to rejuvenate stands minimizes soil erosion, adds nitrogen to the soil and helps control weeds, disease and insects by interrupting their life cycle. 

Promoting our industry

Manitoba is a forage and grassland powerhouse. MFGA stands proudly as industry champions and partner with like-minded groups such as the Canadian Forage & Grassland Association. Our hay quality is known world wide and we continue to support our exporters at the annual MidWest Horse Fair and World Dairy Expo in the U.S., showcasing hay, (both dairy and horse), timothy hay and alfalfa pellets, and compacted hay. 

MFGA Position Statements

MFGA believes it’s important to declare our corporate position on various key issues that have huge producer ramifications and interests. MFGA also believes that the opportunity to participate in government consultation is a privilege and we take our opportunities very seriously. View our Position Statements here.

MFGA Board By-Laws

MFGA By-Laws - Approved Oct 2018
Proposed Changes to MFGA By-Laws - Oct 2019


A diverse and dedicated MFGA board

MFGA stands proudly on the work of our board, a diverse and dedicated group of 16 members representing seven Manitoba producers, five commodity groups: Manitoba Beef Producers, Dairy Farmers of Manitoba, Manitoba Sheep Association, Manitoba Hay Exporters, Manitoba Bison Association and four ex-officio members: Manitoba Agriculture, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, University of Manitoba and Ducks Unlimited Canada. The MFGA board represents some of the best of the best livestock and grass producers and expertise in Manitoba.