MFGA Aquanty Project


About the MFGA Aquanty Project

Recent flood events in the Assiniboine River Basin have resulted in significant crop losses, property and infrastructure damage, leading to unprecedented Agri-Recovery claims above and beyond crop insurance. This project seeks to develop new risk management tools to reduce the impact of extreme flood or drought events for the agricultural industry within the Basin by identifying preventative measures, implementing risk prevention and mitigation activities, all with the intention of lessening the need for government disaster programming in response to such events.

To help inform key audiences about the MFGA Aquanty model's core abilities and vast potential to increase the resiliency of our communities, MFGA has worked with the Upper Assiniboine River Conservation District's AAFC AgriRisk project, as well as ISM Canada (an IBM company) and Aquanty to provide stakeholders and producers the opportunity to access MFGA Aquanty model outputs via the project's GIS-based portal dashboard. While the greatest benefit of the model is as a decision-support tool across greater aggregate land bases, interested stakeholders, producers, governments and organizations can learn more about this extremely unique and powerful HydroGeoSphere model when it comes scenarios and decision-making around water movement, soil, climate, systems, risk mitigation and resiliency of land and communities in the Assiniboine River Basin.





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MFGA Aquanty Project’s “The Grasslander”

Spring 2018 Full Edition
Fall 2016 Full Edition

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