About the MFGA Green Gold Program


The MFGA Green Gold Program (Optimum Alfalfa Harvest Date) helps producers maximize their hay quality by harvesting their alfalfa stand at the optimum time!

In our 24th year, Green Gold has been used to help predict “Hay Day” – the date when pure alfalfa stands are at optimum quality (150 RFV). Due to unusual environmental conditions (cool weather and extreme warming conditions), we have seen alfalfa reach optimum quality well before the traditional early bloom (10% flower) stage. In most cases, had producers waited for the crop to show these signs, harvest would have been delayed by up to 2 weeks and RFV would have been in the 110 range.



WANTED: Hay Fields for Testing

Green Gold is seeking producers with hay fields that are mostly alfalfa, fairly new, and in good condition for testing through the May/June growing season. Field samples are taken twice weekly and submit for testing (at no cost).


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Receive tested results twice weekly and know the best window to cut your hay. MFGA provides this service free thanks to Central Testing Laboratory who performs real time testing of the samples.


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Regional results are emailed to subscribers and posted here. Over 500 producers and industry people receive this information, including alfalfa producers, dairy, beef and sheep producers.