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The Manitoba Protein Advantage

Oct 18 - Manitoba Agriculture launched a new protein section on its website to inform stakeholders about the progress and opportunities surrounding the Manitoba Protein Advantage Strategy. This new section communicates Manitoba’s advantages related to investment attraction, access to quality protein sources (including commodity specific profiles) and the expertise in protein innovation offered by research agencies and academic institutions. Check it out!

MFGA's Regenerative Ag Forum: Early Bird Ends Oct 1, Register Now!

Sep 30 - Our 2019 event is selling out fast! On Tuesday evening, November 19, enjoy the camaraderie and company of your colleagues and friends as MFGA hosts our AGM in the early evening and then moves into our producer-led night where three panels of experts will be talking regenerative ag, carbon in grasslands, research, and producer prosperity. Wednesday, November 20 is our marquee day where featured keynote speakers Dwayne Beck and Jay Fuhrer to provide their expertise on healthy soil, water management, livestock and grain producer prosperity and other important topics. Further details here.

AAFC’s Agroclimate Impact Reporter

Sep 30, 2019 - AAFC is trying to understand how the recent poor weather has affected agriculture in Manitoba by collecting information from as many people (government, industry and producers) through an online survey. Abnormally high rain has stalled harvest and limited Field access and the concerns for producers getting their crops off before damage occurs has significantly risen. The responses from these surveys provide very valuable information and the information is used in a lot of ways including programs that help producers directly.

Province announces Manitoba Protein Advantage

Sep 2019 - The Manitoba government recently hosted the Manitoba Protein Summit, a gathering of crop and livestock industry leaders, processors, academics, government and other stakeholders brought together to gain new insight into protein opportunities, Agriculture Minister Ralph Eichler announced today. "Plant-protein demand is increasing at more than six per cent per year, with world demand expected to double by 2029, and animal-protein demand expected to double by 2050," said Eichler. Read more.

Manitoba Cover Crop Survey

Sep 2019 - Did you grow a cover crop in 2019? Dr Yvonne Lawley is launching a 3-year survey to find out the number of acres, types of farmers, and the range of cover crop species grown in Manitoba. This fall we want to hear from farmers growing: Fall cover crop, full season cover crops, and cover crops for grazing. To participate, contact Yvonne.Lawley@umanitoba.ca.

Province of Manitoba News Release: Province provides livestock producers with funding options to address dry conditions on pasture

September 12, 2019 - The province is advising that livestock producers who have been affected by dry conditions on pasture can apply for funding to support water access and management under Ag Action Manitoba, Agriculture Minister Ralph Eichler announced today. “We recognize that many producers are feeling the effects of our dry summer and that they may require additional assistance to secure a safe and reliable water supply for their livestock,” said Eichler. “Properly functioning and adequately protected ground and surface water sources are essential to ensuring the health of livestock and ground water sources.” Read the full news release.

AgriRisk Initiatives Program to re-open for applications

Aug 30, 2019 - The Honourable Marie-Claude Bibeau, Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food, announced today that the AgriRisk Initiatives Program will begin to accept new applications as of August 30, 2019. The program, which was renewed under the Canadian Agricultural Partnership, supports the development of new risk management tools for the agriculture sector. It will prioritize proposals involving new financial tools allowing agricultural producers to manage a defined business risk. In addition, for minor and emerging agricultural sectors, support will be available for the development of risk assessments and educational tools to help producers manage risk. Read more.

12 Municipalities in Manitoba Declare STATE OF AGRICULTURAL DISASTER

Aug 29. 2019 - Insufficient Volume and Frequency of Precipitation Impacts Livestock, Grain And Hay Farmers in the Interlake and Parkland Regions. Read the full media release.

Have you registered for Regen Ag Days? Save $50 by Oct 1!

August 28, 2019 - Register NOW for MFGA's AGM & Regenerative Ag Days! Our 1.5 day event is selling fast so sign up today! On Tuesday evening, November 19, enjoy the camaraderie and company of your colleagues and friends as MFGA hosts our AGM and then producer-led night. Wednesday, November 20 is our marquee day with featured keynote speakers Dwayne Beck and Jay Fuhrer to provide their expertise on healthy soil, water management, livestock and grain producer prosperity and other important topics. Read the full announcement.

CFGA newsletter released

August 24, 2019 - CFGA’s summer newsletter can be found here featuring forage and grasslands on a national front.

Provincial hay registry

August 6, 2019 - Farmers and producers with any extra available feed or straw to utilize the provincial hay and straw listing service. For more information on the service, or to list feed or straw, click here.



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